Keeping out the cold

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Prevention is the key if you want to protect your home and utility bill from the winter chill. You can stay one step ahead of the polar vortex with a few quick fixes.

Quick Fix #1
Cracks in the foundation can let cold as well as water in. Keep a lookout for them and seal them as soon as you see them. Do this crucial maintenance in the fall, before the first freeze.

Quick Fix #2
Keep your pipes insulated, especially if they are located in a cool, dark area such as a crawl space. There are a number of ways to protect your pipes, from rubber insulation to foam or thermal tape. Pool noodles do the trick. Just slice them down the middle and wrap them around your pipes.

Quick Fix #3
Crack open those kitchen and bathroom cabinets! Leaving the doors to cabinets open, particular under the sink and in spaces that contain plumbing, allows the heat in your home to reach the pipes more efficiently, preventing freezing.

Quick Fix #4
Drip, drip, drip. Be sure to maintain a steady drip of water from faucets throughout the evening when temperatures dip below freezing. Keeping the water flowing, however slightly, can ward off a full freeze and the threat of a burst pipe.

Remember these quick fixes when you’re expecting an overnight freeze, and share this article with anyone else who might benefit from these precautionary measures.

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