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10 things to bear in mind

When starting on your home-buying adventure, there are many factors that folks often overlook until it’s too late. Cell Signal — Let’s face it, most homeowners are ditching landlines. If you rely on a cell phone for just about everything, check around indoors and out for your reception and service compatibility. Ask your provider to diagnose the cell signal. There are ways to improve tower communication should there be an issue. Water — Unless you’re a cold shower enthusiast, which also seems to be trending, you don’t want to find out the hard way that your hot water is nonexistent or …

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Home buying, step by step

Buying your first home can be a stressful experience and the best way to tackle it is by taking it a step at a time. First, you will have to figure out your needs, wants, and your budget. This will guide you through each step of the process. It is important to determine these things in the beginning, so you don’t waste your time on the wrong things. The home buying process can be a long one. A home is so much more than the looks and location. Next, you must do your own research. This includes reading up on …

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Finding that competitive edge

Coming up with a competitive offer for a property can be challenging, especially with the limited number of homes that are on the market. To do that, it helps to have a plan. The first step in meeting that challenge is to choose the right real estate broker and take their advice. You may have previous knowledge from your own research but trust the expert. They are there to help you through the process and take the stress off your back. Ask plenty of questions and let them know exactly what you are looking for. Next, you must set a …

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Preparing to sell this spring

Spring is here and market trends and buying trends are changing along with the weather. If you’re planning on selling your property this season, there are several items to add to your to-do list that can make all the difference in how much you sell your house for and how long it will be on the market. You want to appeal to the masses. Neutral colors are in and gaudier options are out. If painting is an option, go with cool neutral tones as opposed to brighter colors that might appeal to you personally. Odds are whoever is considering the …

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Where is the market heading?

  If anyone tells you they can predict the outcome of today’s market, unless they have a crystal ball and know how to use it, run. That’s right, asking what the 2023 housing market is going to look like is as fruitful as asking what this year’s stock market is going to do. Guess all you want, only time will tell. There are, however, several factors that seem to point in the direction of a decent market. They may not give off a multiple-offers-by-noon vibe, but they seem to guarantee that buyers and sellers will be coming to the closing …

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Keeping out the cold

Prevention is the key if you want to protect your home and utility bill from the winter chill. You can stay one step ahead of the polar vortex with a few quick fixes. Quick Fix #1 Cracks in the foundation can let cold as well as water in. Keep a lookout for them and seal them as soon as you see them. Do this crucial maintenance in the fall, before the first freeze. Quick Fix #2 Keep your pipes insulated, especially if they are located in a cool, dark area such as a crawl space. There are a number of …

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Fourth quarter trends, advice

As mortgage rates cross the 6-percent threshold, home sales are cooling down significantly. And with fears of a recession looming across the national economic landscape, the real estate market appears to be firmly in what experts refer to as “correction” stage. Many professionals are emphasizing that the market is readjusting to stabilize itself from the prior madness. Bear in mind that activity tends to naturally decelerate in the fourth quarter, making it the slowest three-month stretch of the year. With schools in session and the holidays approaching, most people will push back the selling and moving processes until the spring …

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Preparing to buy?

Most U.S. markets are seeing increases in sales prices. In some cases, homes will sell in as little as a few hours. That’s not the case everywhere. though, as homes in some areas are going for lower than asking price. For the most part, were seeing an increase in prices in suburban areas and a drop in cities. Because of COVID, people value their space and with an increase in remote jobs, many people don’t need to go into the office more than once or twice a week. People don’t know what the future holds so they want to be …

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8 hot real estate trends

The wild rollercoaster ride that was the 2021 real estate market packed a thrill a minute for buyers and sellers alike, and it isn’t quite over yet. All parties need to remain seated and buckled in at all times! This year might not have as many twists and turns. but it’s definitely maintaining its own momentum. While sellers still remain at an advantage in 2022, according to experts the market is beginning to ease up for first-time buyers. We have identified eight trends that we believe will continue to shape the market, and paying attention to them will help you …

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Bigger isn’t always better

When the pandemic first hit, there was a surge of home buying driven by a desire for bigger properties. Research today reveals that homebuyers are now looking for quality over quantity. With functionality and sustainability now driving decisions, amateur and professional interior designers are transforming underused spaces before our very eyes. Here are some examples of how dead space in your home can be put to better use. As more and more people work from home, they’re discovering that office spaces don’t need to be bedroom sized. Ever hear of a “cloffice?” Yep, that’s right, closets are being converted into …

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