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In today’s real estate market, there are several major hurdles that homebuyers must surmount if they want to be happy with their final purchase. A knowledgeable team will smooth the path and keep you from stumbling along the way.

A serious buyer in today’s market must stay on top of the new homes that come out, since thousands come out daily. A qualified real estate professional will get to know exactly what you’re looking for, then call, text or email you the moment a likely prospect comes on the market. But communication is a two-way street! Make sure you get back to your realtor right away, and check out the prospect immediately afterward. Wait a day, and it could be gone!

So you’ve narrowed your choice and you’re comparing home prices by looking at price per square foot, right? Wrong! That only works when you’re looking at new construction with similar amenities. When amenities differ, or houses vary greatly in age, you need to know how to compare apples to oranges. A qualified real estate professional will give you a side-by-side comparison and discuss the pros and cons of each as you work your way toward a decision.

So you’ve found your dream and you’re ready to turn everything over to your loan officer. A well-trained loan officer will be able to work through any situation a bank throws at you, whether it’s income verification or an appraisal issue. They should also have knowledge of the many loan programs and incentives currently available to a buyer. One example is “Welcome Home Illinois,” which provides $7,500 for a first-time home-buyer to help with the down payment.

Before you sign on the dotted line, keep one thing in mind. Sellers lie! There is always going to be an issue with a home that they do not disclose. NEVER purchase a home without a property inspection! A qualified home inspector will go through the property with a fine-tooth comb, checking for leaks, mold, aging appliances, structural imperfections and a host of other ticking time bombs.

Bottom line? Don’t enter the home-buying fray without a crack team of professionals by your side!

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