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Understanding the lingo

Many real estate transactions fall apart for one simple reason: miscommunication. A lot of times, folks in the real estate industry speak to their clients in a language they don’t understand, using terminology that goes right over their head. Here are a few terms you should know when dealing with real estate. The first one is the MLS. The MLS or Multiple Listing Services is a magical place where anyone looking for a property may search. The MLS is an online database used by a majority of Realtors and brokerage firms to make a property available to the general public. …

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So you want to get away …

The weather is starting to change and for now you may not be thinking about this — but months pass quickly and you may feel an itch for a vacation home before next summer. Still there are many differences between purchasing a primary residence and a vacation home. One of the most important issues will usually be the cost: Always stay within your budget. This is even more key if this is your first attempt at a second property. I always recommend that a buyer contact a loan officer if they are not paying cash. This will help a buyer …

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Assemble a team that has your back

In today’s real estate market, there are several major hurdles that homebuyers must surmount if they want to be happy with their final purchase. A knowledgeable team will smooth the path and keep you from stumbling along the way. A serious buyer in today’s market must stay on top of the new homes that come out, since thousands come out daily. A qualified real estate professional will get to know exactly what you’re looking for, then call, text or email you the moment a likely prospect comes on the market. But communication is a two-way street! Make sure you get …

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