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Spacca Napoli ranked among world’s best pizzerias

A beloved Chicago pizzeria was recently ranked among the 100 best in the world by the Italian culinary website 50 Top Pizza. Spacca Napoli (1769 W. Sunnyside Ave., Chicago) came in at No. 93 on a list that included pizzerias from France, the Philippines, Spain, Japan, Denmark and more. Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria in Naples and I Masanielli in Caserta shared the top spot. “It’s always nice to be recognized,” Spacca Napoli owner Jonathan Goldsmith modestly responded. Goldsmith has won a slew of awards for his Neapolitan pizza over the years. He learned the trade from master Neapolitan pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia, …

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Italy a second home to owner of Spacca Napoli

When you’re as passionate about Italy as Spacca Napoli owner Jonathan Goldsmith, frequent visits to the motherland are as gratifying as they are inevitable. “I go to conduct research or attend events with colleagues,” Goldsmith says, “and always to reconnect with people I care about and who have become family.” In October, he spent two weeks at the agriturismo Le Campestre outside of Naples, helping the Lombardi family pick olives and make wine. “I first met them in 2004,” he explains. “They are the producers of conciato romano, a pecorino that dates back 2,000 years.” As an executive producer of …

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Spacca Napoli on top of the world!

  Chicago’s own Spacca Napoli was recently acknowledged by the Consorzio di Tutela Della Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP as the best Neapolitan Pizzeria outside of Italy at this year presentation of the Guida Top 50 in Naples. Earlier this year, the Chicago pizzeria was ranked among the top Italian restaurants in Chicago by Gambero Rosso. “(Owner) Jonathan Goldsmith trained under Enzo Coccia and other great pizza masters,” the Italian food and wine magazine notes. “In this way he managed to raise the palate of the Windy City to a higher level.” Non ce male, eh?

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Let’s all resolve to mangia italiano!

Because we go to press so far in advance, I’m penning this column in late December, even though it’s destined for the February issue. That places me squarely in the Resolution Zone, that fanciful timeframe during which we bind ourselves to a host of worthy and sometimes unattainable goals for the coming year. Those resolutions can expand, contract and morph as the months progress. As of this moment, I’ve resolved to: 1) Exercise more, consume fewer calories and in general take better care of my aging body. 2) Seek input from current and former Fra Noi readers and the community-at-large …

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Master pizzaiulo showcased at Spacca Napoli

Jonathan Goldsmith of Spacca Napoli Pizzeria in Chicago may be one of the best Neapolitan-style pizzaiulo around, but he’s never one to hog the spotlight. In early August, he yielded his brick oven to third-generation pizza maestro Attilio Bachetti. “Pizzeria Trattoria da Attilio was founded in 1938 and is located in the Pignasecca neighborhood of Napoli,” Jonathan explains. “Attilio’s artistry embraces the time-honored traditions of ‘la vera pizza.’ We were so proud to showcase him.” http://spaccanapolipizzeria.com

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Spacca Napoli Pizzeria

You could say that fate led Jonathan Goldsmith to open Spacca Napoli Pizzeria, and transform himself into one of America’s most passionate proponents of Neapolitan-style pizza. Or you could say that chance favors the prepared mind. A clinical social worker with a degree from the University of Chicago, Goldsmith was living and working in Florence in the 1980s while his wife, Ginny, was going to art school, and he was absolutely loving it. When the couple returned to the Windy City with their young daughter, Sarah, he felt he had left a part of his soul behind. The couple bought …

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