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Picnics past and present

Summer is rolling right along and I’m sure we’re all thinking we’ve got to do more to make use of this long-awaited weather. The timing couldn’t be better because it’s picnic season! For years, the first Saturday in August has been on everyone’s calendar as the day of the annual Pullman Family Reunion Picnic, and this year is no different. The picnic is a great opportunity to reunite with old friends and see where so many of us spent our childhoods. The first Saturday in August is the day I gather all my picnic equipment and memorabilia together for my …

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Looking back and ahead

This January marks a hopeful look ahead to a healthier year. COVID was with us all last year and most of the year before. Many of us some of us decided to deal with the challenges head on while others decided to contend with them from the shelter of our own homes. Some of us have been personally touched by loss over this year whether brought on by COVID or as the result of living life in general. For some, the loss of a companion pet affected us more than we anticipated and just as much as the loss of …

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A Labor Day to remember

Labor Day has been a big deal in Pullman ever since the 1894 strike, which lead to the creation of the holiday. Each year, representatives of different labor groups convene in Pullman for a day of speeches and musical entertainment. There are also exhibits and oftentimes rides for children and displays for adults. Since 2015, when President Obama declared Pullman a National Monument, plans have been drawn up, contracts awarded, financing secured, National Park Rangers assigned, construction completed and landscaping installed. Each of these items have been checked off the “to do” list, and the time has finally come for …

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A wonderful way to catch up

With COVID being such a big part of our lives for so long, it’s hard to say when annual events will return in full force. Could the Pullman Family Picnic be the only regular scheduled celebration to take place this summer in our neck of the woods? If so, let’s make the most of it! Almost everyone has been vaccinated and mask wearing has become optional along with the relaxing of other restrictions. After so many months of life lived at a distance, the Pullman Picnic looms large. Always an important gathering, it means even more this year as we’ve …

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Winter brings out the neighbor in us

“Winter’s on the horizon, and as true Chicagoans, we may complain about the weather, but we handle it like troopers. We realize that resistance is futile. We all have friends who have become “snowbirds,” escaping to Florida annually and, this year, straight into the arms of Category 5 Hurricane Dorian! By staying in Chicago, we deal with life as we always have. And yet, we’ve never had to rebuild or relocate. That being said, winter can be a great time for recalling the way we’ve dealt with our major storms — the Chicago way I recall being home on leave …

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Where have all the florists gone?

Stop in any chain grocery or “super” store, and among the many departments to choose from you’ll always find a “killer” in-store flower shop. Cute little bouquets with sprigs of green and sometimes even baby’s breath are often available. Maybe not too many flowers in the bouquet, but just enough to warrant the $5.99 price tag. Of course, you have the option of buying the $9.99 bouquet with a few more flowers and a wider array of colors. These are your floral options today, but what about the traditional options that these options have “killed” off?” Before there were “floral …

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A flurry of activity in Pullman

  Here we are on the cusp of 2016 and I’ve got some updates and clarifications about 2015 topics in my most recent columns. I am also going to continue with a description of my fantastic trip to Italy with the Veneti nel Mondo. First off, let me say that the 42nd Annual Pullman House Tour was a great success and a major reason for that success was the made to order beautiful weather. There were nine houses on the tour this year along with four civic buildings. The first floor of the Hotel Florence was open for viewing and on …

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Summer opens door to Roseland reunions

  Summer has begun for sure and once again, we’re all about making use of the season for which we’ve waited many months. When people describe Chicagoans, one adjective that always comes to mind is “resilient.” We always bounce back from the reality given to us to create a new reality for ourselves. That translates into us Roselandites and Pullmanites looking forward to the opportunity to get together at reunion opportunities that come our way. This year, with Pullman having been given the honor of being designated as the Pullman National Monument of the National Park Services, everyone has a …

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