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Deluca acts to improve health care coverage

Looking to drive down health care costs and expand access for families, State Rep. Anthony DeLuca is backing a reform plan that imposes limits and restrictions on the insurance industry. Known as the Health Care Protection Act, House Bill 5395 would require insurance companies to justify premium increases; prohibit them from selling short-term health care plans known as “junk insurance” that provide little or no coverage; and eliminate prior authorization hurdles for mental health care. It would also halt the practice known as “step therapy,” which requires patients to try a medication or treatment other than what was prescribed and …

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Onesti, DeLuca pull out all the stops for Springfield reception

What do you get when a true showman joins forces with one of Springfield’s most respected legislators? The second annual Italian Caucus Tour of Italy Reception, of course. Hosted for the last two years by Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans President Ron Onesti and State Rep. Anthony DeLuca, the blockbuster event drew more than 300 movers and shakers from across the state. Among them were elected officials, lobbyists and leaders of the Chicago-area Italian-American community. The top floor of the Wyndham Hotel in Springfield, decked out in green, white and red, was lined with banners spotlighting the JCCIA and …

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DeLuca acts to curb solar sprawl

Hearing from homeowners concerned about the impact of sprawling commercial solar farm developments, State Rep. Anthony DeLuca has introduced a plan to establish minimum 500-foot setbacks between homes and solar properties. House Bill 4135 would update existing solar zoning law and authorize counties to increase the setback distance for solar energy projects from either 50 or 150 feet, depending on the property, to 500 feet universally. The measure is focused on large-scale commercial solar developments, not individual homeowner solar panel use. “While many of us are intrigued by the development of solar power, it needs to be handled in a …

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Rep. DeLuca spearheads heritage month bill

With a bill establishing Italian American Heritage Month in Illinois hanging in the balance, State Rep. Anthony DeLuca pulled out all the stops to ensure its passage. In a political landscape that’s bitterly divided, Illinois Rep. Anthony DeLuca is an increasingly rare breed of elected official. “Anthony is a bridge builder. He’s a consensus builder,” Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans President Ron Onesti says. “His fellow legislators know that if their constituents have a need, Anthony will listen to them and do everything in his power to meet that need, regardless of their party, because it’s the right thing …

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DeLuca appointed to high-tech committee

State Rep. Anthony DeLuca has been appointed vice chairperson of the House Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, & IT Committee, where he will review cutting-edge technological issues and their impact on communities across the state. “From the rise of social media targeted toward our children such as TikTok, to cyberattacks from foreign countries, we’re increasingly facing new technological challenges here at home,” DeLuca says. “It’s important that we are ready and knowledgeable to adapt however necessary to these changes.” This legislative session alone, the committee has fielded bills related to social media moderation, TikTok usage policies on state property, artificial intelligence, data …

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DeLuca squires heritage month bill through House

Upholding his longtime commitment to recognizing the contributions of Italian Americans, State Rep. Anthony DeLuca worked in collaboration with the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans to pass a bipartisan plan to mark every October in Illinois as Italian American Heritage Month. “From exploration to scientific discoveries to entertainment and culture, Italian Americans are significant and prevalent contributors to this country’s history,” DeLuca said. “It’s fitting that we take a moment as a state to recognize the strong, positive impact our Italian-American communities have had locally and to appreciate the beauty and influence this culture continues to have.” “The Italian …

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DeLuca goes to bat for south suburbs

At a recent meeting with the South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, State Rep. Anthony DeLuca reiterated his push to include greater funding for the Local Government Distributive Fund in this year’s budget. The LGDF is a designated portion of state income tax revenues that cities and counties receive from the state in lieu of local taxes. The percentage of the state tax has been steadily reduced over the last decade. DeLuca underscored the fact that an increase in LGDF funding would reduce the burden on local taxes and fees.  

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Onesti fighting the good fight on multiple fronts

Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans President Ron Onesti has taken the organization’s battle on behalf of Christopher Columbus to a whole new level in recent months. In late March, Onesti spearheaded a JCCIA-hosted Tour of Italy at the Wyndham Springfield that attracted more than 250 state representatives and senators as well as lobbyists from all ethnic groups. Bedecked in red, white and green, the hotel’s penthouse was brimming with delicious Italian food and enlivened by classic Italian tunes during an “event like Springfield has never seen,” according to State Rep. Anthony DeLuca. “We wanted to let the state government …

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DeLuca expedites payments

State Rep. Anthony DeLuca is spearheading a measure that would help municipalities receive funds that are currently being unfairly withheld by utility companies. DeLuca’s Senate Bill 1794 addresses the concerns of municipalities that are owed thousands or even millions by utility companies due to errors in tax remittance. Under current practices, when a municipality levies a local tax on utilities, the companies collect the tax via a consumer’s monthly bill and then distribute the money to applicable municipalities. In recent years, records discrepancies between utilities and municipalities have prevented substantial tax dollars from reaching the appropriate government body.  

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South suburbs honor Rep. DeLuca

State Rep. Anthony DeLuca was recognized as a Champion of the Southland at the South Suburban Mayors and Managers’ annual gala. A longtime advocate for increased state support for local government, DeLuca spearheaded the Southland Reactivation Act, which was recently signed into law. The act creates a special designation for underutilized property in the south suburban communities located in Bloom, Bremen, Calumet, Rich, Thornton and Worth townships. Qualified properties will have their previous assessed valuations significantly reduced, encouraging development and returning the properties to the tax rolls.  

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