Gallo sows seeds of change in Rolling Meadows

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Joe Gallo has never shied away from voicing his opinion when something seems amiss. In the case of Rolling Meadows, where he has lived his entire life, he felt that change was needed and decided to do more than just talk about it. The now-38-year-old business strategist campaigned successfully for Fourth Ward Alderman in 2017, then won a four-way race for mayor in 2019.

His goals for Rolling Meadows are to “promote a culture of accountability, ownership and proactive behavior, and incorporate more innovation and technology to improve the quality of life, leading to a more efficient, sustainable community.” He also wants to “inspire people of all kinds within our community to get involved, so our local decision makers and leaders are reflective of the community they represent.”

Gallo is proud of his Italian roots. His father, Domenico, hails from the small town of Pizzone in Molise, where he toiled as a farmer in the years following World War II. “I could write a book on the experiences my dad’s family went through in a country rebuilding after the war,” Gallo says.

“Knowing my father’s story — and others like his — has instilled a deep-seated respect and admiration for the courage, desire and dedication of immigrants as they move toward the unfamiliar with the hope of paving a better future for themselves and their children,” Gallo explains. “It’s important that you make the most of your time, look for the positive in all that you experience and allow your character to inspire others to do the same.”

— Terry Quilico


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