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Guerin Italian program boasts busy spring

Scholarship recipients Frankie Lombardo, Gabriel Calistro and Ava O’Neill


Guerin Prep held its 34th annual World Language Induction ceremony for its Italian, French and Spanish Language Honor Societies on May 14. La Società Onoraria Italica (Italian Honor Society), Socie’te’ Honoraire de Francais (French Honor Society) and Sociedad Honoraria Hispa’nica (Spanish Honor Society) are national organizations, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Italian, French and Spanish, the purpose of which is to recognize outstanding and highly motivated students of each language and culture. Its mission is to help honorary members deepen their knowledge of each language and culture.

Mrs. Carmelina Maione, Guerin Prep’s Italian teacher and society moderator, welcomed six new members to Società Onoraria Italica: Gabriel Calistro, Gabriella Lappo, Frankie Lombardo, Cade Mack, Jessica Suchecki and Victoria Urso.

Mrs. Suzanne Giacotto, French teacher and society moderator welcomed eight new members to Guerin Prep’s Societe Honoraire de Francais: Jacelyn Gama, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Karen Guitierrez, Brianna Freel, Yahneesa Jiminez, Stephanie Pacheco, Angela Piazza and Sabrina Soto.

Ms. Frances Arroyo, Spanish teacher and Guerin Prep’s society moderator welcomed 17 new members to Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica: Natalie Adorno, Simon Armoush, Adriana Azo, Jean Balacy, Lexye Barcenas, Bianca Brown, Sarah A. Cardia, Denis Dule, Cristal Gonzalez, Melissa Gonzalez, Anna Grundt, Anthony Joyce, Juliana McBride, Mikaela Pargas, Evie Perez, Andre Rowgalo and Elysa Torres.

These 31 students join 44 previously inducted students to make the combined societies one of Guerin Prep’s largest student membership-based groups. Following tradition, the students partook in a “Candle and Rose” ceremony. The candle serves as a symbol of knowledge. As the seniors complete their World Language career at Guerin, they pass their light of knowledge onto our new members. The rose is a symbol for life and the friendships made at Guerin.

A tradition for the past several years that continued this year is the music played during the ceremony. This year our talented students Connie McNulty and Christine Li preformed. They were brilliant and made the evening more memorable for both parents and students. Attendees remained for refreshments.

In March, the Italian Club sponsored the 3rd annual Saint Joseph’s Day Table. Under the leadership of Mrs. Maione, officers, members, and parents raised money to offer three Italian scholarships. The Academic Scholars of Dante Alighieri Scholarship is named after the father of the Italian language who had a true love and passion for Italian culture. Congratulazioni e auguri to Gabe Calistro (junior) Frankie Lombardo (sophomore) and Ava O’Neill (freshman) on your continued study of Italian.





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