Dustin Hoffman and Toni Servillo team up at Cinecittà

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Dustin Hoffman and Toni Servillo in

Two acting legends are teaming up for an upcoming Italian film. Dustin Hoffman and Toni Servillo are currently in Rome shooting Donato Carrisi’s “L’uomo del labirinto” (Into the Labyrinth), the follow up to his successful 2017 feature debut, “La ragazza nella nebbia” (The Girl in the Fog). Shooting began on March 18 and is expected to last for seven weeks.

The firm centers on a young woman, played by Valentina Bellè, who wakes up in a hospital bed with a broken leg. Disoriented and unable to remember anything, she finds herself in a room that has no windows, only a huge mirror lining one wall that she can’t see her reflection in.

With her is a man who introduces himself as a criminal profiler. He explains to the girl that her name is Samantha, that she has been kidnapped and kept prisoner, but managed to escape, and that his job is to find the kidnapper. However, the hunt will not take place in the outside world, but in Samantha’s mind. He reveals to Samantha that she is no longer 13, which was her age when she was kidnapped, but 28. With his help, she gradually starts to recall certain episodes from her captivity.

In a city overcome by a ferocious heat wave, where the people have taken to sleeping during the day and leaving their homes only at night, a private detective called Bruno Genko, who has spent years investigating Samantha’s disappearance, learns of her liberation. Now, stricken with a heart disease, the detective has only two months to live, but nonetheless, he takes up the hunt once more.

The film is being produced by Colorado Film and will be distributed by Medusa. It is slated for a 2019 release.

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