Sicilian American Cultural Association

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Founded in 1994, the Sicilian American Cultural Association is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the traditions of Sicilian in particular and Italy in general. SACA hosts an annual Medal of Honor dinner, as well as monthly meetings that feature presentations on Sicilian and Italian themes.

For details, call Martha Monastero at 773-588-2515.

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  1. Dear,
    I would first of all like to congratulate you on the wonderful work you do in promoting Sicily in the USA. Your attention fills local people with pride, since although we very much know how wonderful our island is, hearing it from others is always heart-warming. It is nice to see how the Sicilian soul survives through your hard work.
    Personally I made a backward movement, migrating to Sicily. After twenty-five years between London, Paris and Brussels, I settled down in Sicily in 1999 and never it regretted it.
    As a foreigner it is easier to see the beauty and peculiarity of the island. As it is probably for you too, due to the effect of separation.
    So for the last twenty years I have been travelling the island and studying the Sicilian cuisine. It has been such a wonderful experience I decided to share it with others. Together with a wonderful team we created, a blog dedicated to Sicily, with great love.
    We wish to share our experiences with you, and who knows, exchange information.
    Con sentito affetto
    JTL De Pagie
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    An article example:

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