Calabresi in America Organization

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Founded in 1987, the Calabresi in America Organization serves as a social, cultural and charitable outlet for Americans of Calabrese descent. CIAO hosts a St. Joseph Table in March, a frittata party in April, a fashion show in May, a bocce tournament in June, a golf outing in July, a trip to Calabria in September, an awards and installation dinner in November and a Christmas party in December. The group also offers scholarships, spearheads volunteer efforts and makes donations to worthy causes. Officers are installed each year in November, board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, and general meetings are held on first Tuesday in September, October, November and February. Offices are located at Casa Italia, 3800 Division St., Stone Park.

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2014 San Francesco Fest
2014-15 President Richard Belmonte
2014 San Francesco Fest

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  1. My father came to America from Cosenza , Calabria . He taught me how to play the guitar, mandolin and concertina. I would like to buy a Lira Calabrese, which is a Lyre bowed instrument from Calabria but can not find one here in America. It is used mostly for the Tarantella. Any help from your organization would be Appreciated. Thanks, Henry Russi

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