William Rosso

William Rosso grew up in a small town in south central Illinois where he dreamed of living in the “big city.” He left home at 13 to attend high school in the Chicago area. In 1976, after 10 years of dropping in and out, he earned a degree in communications from the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois. He spent his career in various aspects of radio broadcasting and now, semi-retired, lives in suburban Chicago with his wife, Susan, enjoying gardening, photography and travel. He and his wife are parents to two grown children.

Citizenship? It’s in the blood

Even though only 25 percent of my DNA leads back to Italy, I have always considered myself Italian. Given my surname, everyone assumes I’m pure Italian. (Everyone except my Irish mother who always reminded me that the majority of my roots lay in Ireland.) The fact that I grew up in a part of Illinois inhabited by few Italians did nothing to separate me from my heritage. Whatever everyone else was, I was Italian! On my first trip to Europe when I was 23, I discovered I felt more comfortable in Florence than in any other city I had visited …

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