Paul Basile

Paul Basile has been the editor of Fra Noi for a quarter of a century. Over that period, he and his dedicated family of staff members and correspondents have transformed a quaint little community newspaper into a gorgeous glossy magazine that is read and admired across the nation. They also maintain a cluster of national and local websites and are helping other major metropolitan areas launch their own versions of Fra Noi.

Fighting fiction with the facts

The Chicago-area Italian-American community was dealt a devastating series of blows in the waning days of July. It’s impossible to express the damage done to our collective psyche when Chicago’s three Columbus statues were plucked by the city from their pedestals in the wee hours of the morning and whisked off to storage. According to Mayor Lightfoot, the moves were made in the interest of public safety and are only temporary, but a profound sense of betrayal and loss remains. The question is, how do we most effectively respond? As Fra Noi goes to press, the Joint Civic Committee of …

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 Rewriting the antidefamation script

At a moment in our history when conflict is rampant and emotions are running high, Chicago-area Italian Americans are charting a decidedly different course. They’re building coalitions, employing quiet diplomacy and reaching out across the divide to build support for their causes. The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans has been at the forefront of this strategic sea change, beginning with a more inclusive approach to the Columbus Day Parade. Historically a celebration of Italian pride, the parade has become increasingly multicultural, with last year’s event boasting nearly a dozen floats representing a variety of African, Hispanic, Asian and white …

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Special deliveries

The reputation of the once-vaunted U.S. Postal Service has taken its share of hits in recent decades. Who doesn’t have stories about damaged or mis-delivered letters, or long lines at the local post office?  As a magazine editor, I have my own tales of woe that include having to replace more than a dozen copies a month that mysteriously disappear into the system, or waiting for weeks to receive notifications that required my immediate attention. It’s easy to wonder what ever happened to those valiant couriers who braved rain, snow, heat and gloom to swiftly complete their appointed rounds. If …

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Finding joy

Joy can seem as hard to come by nowadays as hand sanitizer, but at least there’s good news when it comes to joy. You don’t have to wait for a restock at Target. The supply is limitless if you know where to look. If you’re lucky enough to be sheltering in place with someone you care about, you can begin your quest with a great big hug. Studies show that an embrace of 20 seconds or more releases a flood of hormones that elevate your mood and promote relaxation and happiness. There have been hugs aplenty at our house since …

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West Leyden High School 

della classe d’italiano 3 e Prof. Sourbis Il ventidue novembre gli studenti che seguono i corsi delle lingue moderne hanno avuto l’opportunità di scoprire la cultura delle lingue imparata a West Leyden nel Modern Language Festival. Attività da scegliere erano: papel picado, cucinare Salsa latina, le crepes, giochi Africani-Francesi, un Escape-Room, pulseras, e una caccia al tesoro chiamata Amazing Race Italian Style. Oltre alle attività, si poteva anche comprare tamales, focaccia, o cornetti per assaggiare i sapori delle culture. Per “Amazing Race Italian Style” gli studenti sono stati divisi in squadre. Ogni squadra doveva scegliere un nome di un marchio italiano …

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2020 Italian Patron Saint Calendar

  ATTENZIONE! All events are subject to cancellation or postponement due to the coronavirus outbreak. Please call first to check on the status of the event. Each year, more than three-dozen Italian patron saint celebrations grace the Chicago area. Kept alive by paesani from villages and cities across Italy, these events preserve some of the most cherished of our traditions. Festivities range from simple religious services to solemn masses and processions to family festivals that last several days. But they all have one thing in common: devotion to the spiritual protectors of la bell’Italia. At press time, information was available …

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We’ve endured far worse

I can’t recall the last time a film was as simultaneously popular and polarizing as “Green Book.” The story about the unlikely friendship that blossoms between a casually racist Italian-American bouncer and an elitist African-American concert pianist during a road trip through the South in 1962 was a fan favorite, earning $322 million at the worldwide box office. It also cleaned up during awards season, netting Oscars as well as Golden Globes for best picture, supporting actor and original screenplay. But the cinematic rendition of the real-life sojourn taken by Frank “Tony Lip” Vallelonga and Don Shirley attracted as much …

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A GREAT way to see Italy

Nowadays, there are as many ways to tour Italy as there are cities to visit and sights to see. You can travel with a companion, charting your own course and booking everything yourself, or you can sign up for a large-group tour that takes you by the hand and attends to every detail. And then there are the countless small-group options dedicated to exploring the country’s many facets and out-of-the-way places. When my wife and I decided to celebrate our 35th anniversary in Italy, we invited my family along for the ride. From that tiny seed a truly magical adventure …

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Rockford association honors two titans

Frank Perrecone and Frank Fiorello were honored at the Greater Rockford Italian American Association’s annual Hall of Fame and Special Recognition Awards Banquet. A principal at the law firm of Ferolie and Perrecone, Hall of Fame inductee Perrecone is a former chairperson of GRIAA and a long-time volunteer at its events, including Festa Italiana. Special Recognition Award recipient Fiorello of Las Vegas established the Pumpkin Path in Caledonia, the main setting for the 10 children’s books he has written and illustrated. He also is the former newsroom artist and illustrator at the Rockford Register Star.

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Forbes salutes William Blair’s Salvino

William Blair financial advisor Thomas Salvino has been named to the Top Wealth Advisors in America list by Forbes magazine for the second year in a row. He was named to Barron’s Top Advisors in America list from 2015 to 2017, and he was also included among the 20 Rising Stars of Wealth Management by Institutional Investor News in 2007, the same year he received the Outstanding Advisor Award from Registered Rep Magazine. A member of the Salvino Wealth Management Team, Thomas, along with his brother John and father Al, manage customized investment portfolios for individuals, families, trusts and foundations.

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