Maurizio Lamberti

Maurizio was born in the small Apennine Mountain town of Piandelagotti in the Modena province in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy. Because of the hardships faced after World War II, his family emigrated to Highwood, Illinois, when Maurizio was 5 years old. Highwood was the destination of many families from Modena. Benefitting from living in America with an adherence to and love of his Italian heritage, he earned Evans Scholarship to Marquette University. Currently is in Business Development for Vaya Group, a talent management consulting firm, he will be retiring soon to fully dedicate himself to being a writer. He still lives in Highwood with his three children and six grandchildren nearby.

Dreaming of America

Franco entered the barn to gather the cows and lead them out to graze.  A few chickens followed him clucking and prancing at his feet. The 14-year-old boy gave three crisp, high-pitched whistles announcing his presence to the cows, which rustled in their stalls, turning their heads toward the piercing noise. They had been milked three hours ago and knew it was time to go outside. “Good morning cows! A new day is here. More fresh grass to eat and milk to give. You have me today so be on your best behavior!” Franco unlatched them one by one from …

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And the band played on

Hear the band as they play a resounding rendition of the Italian National Anthem. Listen to the Marche Reale performed by the Piandelagotti band in the town square with vim and vigor reflecting their youthful enthusiasm. The coordinated effort offered a splendid meshing of alto and bass horns, beating drums et al. as the music resonated throughout the town’s center piazza and well beyond. The townspeople loudly applauded accompanied with shouts of bravo as the song hit its stirring ending. The town’s photographer, Signor Batti Piancentini, moved in to ready the band for a photo. He had positioned the big …

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