Leigh Ann Miller

Leigh Ann is a copywriter who is currently finishing up a degree in marketing and Italian. Her love of all things Italian began with fashion, was strengthened greatly in Chicago’s Taylor Street neighborhood, and continues in Italy itself. When Leigh Ann isn’t in Rome or Treviso, you can find her working in downstate Illinois, where she generally spends her free time writing on her laptop or buried under a pile of books next to a great cup of coffee.

A Taylor Street Thanksgiving

October through December is my favorite time of year. I’m that person who decorates for fall in August and drinks pumpkin spice lattes when it’s still 90 degrees. Out of that whole glorious season, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Last year, I spent Thanksgiving in Treviso, Italy. I hadn’t planned on still being there that late in the season, but I can hardly complain. With 2020 being, well, 2020, it was a miracle I was in Italy at all. Since Thanksgiving is a uniquely American observance, it had me reminiscing about a magical celebration back home almost 20 years before. …

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