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Christmas giving in Italy

We’ve discussed Italian Christmas traditions in December each year since this blog’s inception. As noted before, the Christmas season in Italy lasts from the beginning of December until after the New Year.  Below are the important dates to remember for those celebrating Christmas in Italy, along with Italian greetings for each holiday. To follow is the story of La Befana, the friendly Italian witch with gifts for all. The Italian Christmas Season L’Immacolata Feast of the Immaculate Conception: Catholic holiday that celebrates mother Mary.  La Vigilia di Natale Il Natale Christmas Eve Christmas Buon Natale! Buone Feste! Merry Christmas! Happy …

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Mi Piace Natale

How to Say, “I like…” in Italian with “Mi Piace” In a previous blog on this topic, Using Piacere to say, “I like it!” we learned: The Italian verb piacere literally means “to be pleasing.” Italians use this verb when they want to express the idea that they like something. It is how Italians say, “I like it!” It should first be noted that piacere has an irregular conjugation. Then, it is important to understand that the verb piacere works  differently than most other Italian verbs that have an -ere ending. In effect, the subject of the sentence that uses the verb piacere …

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