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Sunday Mass at St. Anthony’s

Lou Ann Sola Pretto, Gina Frighetto Sakiewicz, Ana Magnabosco, Louise Panozzo, Jack Rossi, Fran Trentacosti, Carol Miceli, Edda Mancuso, Tony Pittacora, Vince Zopetti, “Midge”, Mike Maglis, CJ Jim Martello, Adriano and Gina Magnabosco, Bob and Lorraine Brezich, Chuck and Beverly Carli, Julia Munoz, Madelyn Wolf, Georgia Vroman, Jo (Josephine) Navarette, Gloria Bernardi and her son John Bernardi, and Marilyn Meneghini Carone, Dan and Sue Bovino, Dennis and Debbie Carlotto. I’m sure you’ll recognize more than a few of the names. It’s amazing that this is 2011 and yet, the family names that we heard so often when we were younger …

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