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Pullman at its finest!

Month in and month out, I’ve been telling people to visit Pullman for one event or another, but in this column, I have more than one happening to entice you with. Three events that were waylaid by the pandemic have either made their return this year or are slated to do so: the annual Pullman Picnic, the St. Anthony Dinner Dance and the Pullman House Tour. The Pullman Picnic was held in the beginning of August and those in attendance had a great time. It was one of those 90-degree days made just a bit cooler by the canopy I …

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Pullman Tour celebrates an urban-design gem

Here we are headed into fall, another seasonal change — which we know we have no control over, other than doing our part to lessen climate change. Autumn in Pullman is an interesting season because a whole new view of the community is revealed to us. As the leaves change color and fall from the trees, decorating the ground in lyrical shades of sienna, auburn, red and yellow, we begin to see more clearly the urban masterpieces created by architect Solon S. Beman and landscape designer Nathan F. Barrett. Beman’s Queen-Anne style was exactly what George Pullman wanted to see. …

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A flurry of activity in Pullman

  Here we are on the cusp of 2016 and I’ve got some updates and clarifications about 2015 topics in my most recent columns. I am also going to continue with a description of my fantastic trip to Italy with the Veneti nel Mondo. First off, let me say that the 42nd Annual Pullman House Tour was a great success and a major reason for that success was the made to order beautiful weather. There were nine houses on the tour this year along with four civic buildings. The first floor of the Hotel Florence was open for viewing and on …

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