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Pasolini’s playground among the Roman ruins

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1962 “Mamma Roma” stars Anna Magnani as the title character, a Roman prostitute determined to change her life and give her son the opportunities she never had. She seizes the opportunity to leave her life on the streets behind when her pimp (Franco Citti) gets married and frees her from his control. Mamma then goes to the small provincial town of Guidonia to fetch her son, Ettore (Ettore Garofolo), and bring him to Rome to embark on their new life together. She buys a pushcart, finds an apartment in a nice neighborhood, and uses her connections to …

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Rome museum showcases Pasolini’s literary influences

If your summer travel plans include a trip to the Eternal City, there is one lesser-known place you won’t want to miss. The Biblioteca Nazionale di Roma (National Central Library of Rome) is a treasure trove of information on the most important figures of Italian literature. Many contributed to screenplays and wrote books from which films were adapted. Entering the library, you will see an inviting exhibition area called the Spazi900 museum. Upon entering the space, you will find yourself in a whole different world. The Sala Pasolini (Pasolini Rome) is dedicated to the films Pier Paolo Pasolini made based …

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A rare interview with Pier Paolo Pasolini

Pier Paolo Pasolini continues to be one of the most relevant filmmakers in world cinema. This month, he is being honored for his centennial year. Born on March 5, 1922, in Bologna, the renowned poet, filmmaker and intellectual would have turned 100 next month. We’ve discussed Pasolini’s 1964 film, “Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo” (The Gospel According to St. Matthew) many times in this blog and in the printed edition of the magazine. It’s become an annual tradition in my household to watch the film during the Lenten season. What continues to amaze me is how the film stays so relevant. …

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A conversation with the man who played Pasolini’s Christ

There have been countless cinematic interpretations of thebooks of the Bible, but few have stood the test of time. One that qualifies as a classic is Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1964 “Il Vangolo Secondo Matteo” (The Gospel According to St. Matthew). Considered by the Vatican to be among the best film adaptations of one of the Gospels, Pasolini’s 1964 film was shot in the regions of Calabria, Puglia and Basilicata. In an interview with RAI television while on location in Matera, Pasolini talked about the reasons for shooting there. “I chose two or three places in Basilicata. One is Barile, a …

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