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Where might Medicare head?

  Already there is much speculation and rumor as to what changes are going to be forthcoming with the inauguration of the new president and with changes taking place in both the U.S. House of Representatives in Senate. One of the rumors being discussed is the possibility of changes to Medicaid, which is the main governmental program that provides long-term care for seniors who are nursing home. Remember, of the population in America that currently lives in a nursing home, 66 percent are funded by the Medicaid program. There is no other general entitlement program to fund long-term care. Spending …

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Taking long-term care into account

  Good retirement planning needs to take into account other issues besides cash flow and return on investments. For example, how much thought have you given to things like long-term care and how it will impact your overall health care and in turn your plans for retirement? Many people make the mistake of assuming that Medicare is going to cover all of your healthcare needs, but that’s rarely the case. The reason is that the older a person gets the more complex matters pertaining to their health become. Furthermore, there is often a need for someone to go into nursing …

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