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Documentary reveals the saga of a da Vinci masterpiece

I recently discovered a treasure trove of documentaries on art produced by the BBC. Subjects range from Michelangelo’s “David” to Sandro Botticelli’s “La Primavera” to Piero della Francesca’s “The Resurrection.” The documentaries are presented in 26 episodes and are part of a series that aired on the British television network. Making my way through them, the one that has impressed me the most is Episode 20 on Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” The documentary reveals the creation of the masterpiece between 1495 and 1498, its almost immediate deterioration and the many restorations it’s undergone throughout the centuries. The film …

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Da Vinci sets up shop at Water Tower Place

  The “Da Vinci Machines Exhibition: The Titans Experience” will be on display on Level 3 of Water Tower Place through the end of the year. The exhibit displays hand-crafted models built based on da Vinci’s 500-year-old designs, bringing to life the creations of this renowned scientist, inventor and artist. Many of da Vinci’s digitally re-mastered paintings will also be on display. Inventions on display include a bicycle, spring-powered car, hang glider and the “air screw,” a precursor to the helicopter. And for the first time ever, the secrets behind da Vinci’s legendary robotic lion are revealed. The models are …

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