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Harlem Avenue celebrates Azzurri win

When Azzurri fans heard that the Bartucci family was hosting a screening of the Eurocup final at Piazza Italia, they turned out in droves. The parking lot was awash with green, white and red as audience members gritted their way through a tense match between Italy and England. When the Azzurri emerged victorious, the crowd erupted into a celebration that poured out onto Harlem Avenue. “It was a proud day for the community and for our Little Italy,” said Harlem Avenue Little Italy Business Association President Gino Bartucci.  

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Harlem Avenue activist Frank DiPiero

You’ve got answers? Frank DiPiero has questions: lots of them. An affable and curious guy by nature, DiPiero has turned pride in his Italian-American identity into a shared Internet radio experience with a light-hearted name: “Keepin’ It Real with Frankie D.” For him, it marks another step in his effort to promote education, culture and awareness in the Italian community. “I started ‘Keepin’ It Real with Frankie D.’ in 2013,” says DiPiero, whose father traces his roots to Bugnara in Abruzzo and his mother to Sant’Ambrogio in Sicily. As for the name, “That’s what everyone called me when I was …

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