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Local pizzaiuolo nets top international prize

Each year, the best pizzaiuoli from around the world compete for the coveted Caputo Cup, preparing and serving their signature pizze for judges who assess them based on taste, bake, crust and appearance. This year, Chicago’s own Gianni Gallucci of Forno Rosso Pizzeria and Zero Ottantuno Mobile Pizzeria took home the cup, wowing the judges with his “Margherita Extra” pizza topped with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, piennolo tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil.

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Mobile pizzaiuolo Gianni Gallucci

It’s been more than a century and countless pies since Raffaele Esposito popularized pizza as we know it today in 1889. His pizzeria is still open in Naples. And Gianni Gallucci, owner of the Chicago area’s Zero Ottantuno Mobile Pizzeria Napoletana, has worked hard to master that region’s style. “I’ve been making pizza professionally for more 10 years now and suddenly decided to do the unthinkable: I went back to school,” Gallucci says. In 2013, he attended the Academy of Pizza, a school hosted by the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, and earned his APN certification: as in, really earned it. “Everyday …

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