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A good place to dig when looking for a gravesite

Let’s pretend we’re at a trivia contest and the next question is, “What’s the word for someone who has an interest in cemeteries?” You could answer “cemetery enthusiast” or “grave hunter” but those would be wrong because the question asks for a single word. It turns out that the word is “taphophile” pronounced “TAF-oh-file.” The moniker has a Greek root, “taphos,” which is a catch-all word for anything to do with funerals, burials, etc. It can be part of the ritual of the death of a loved one to attend a wake, drive in procession to a church and then …

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Of ‘grave’ concern to genealogists

  What did we do without the internet? For those of us who began our genealogical journey before Ancestry.com, familysearch, fold3, and even Google (they refer to this era as B.G.!), we remember the days of having to find information by checking one location at a time. If we needed to find where someone was buried, and we did not know which cemetery, we had to visit many different cemeteries one at a time. We could call them too. If we didn’t know what town in Italy someone was born in, we had to order film one town at a …

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