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Mott Foundation bestows Calabrian scholarships

The John R. Mott Scholarship Foundation of Washington, D.C., held its annual award ceremony and reception on June 19 at the Principessa Hotel in Campara San Giovanni, Cosenza, Calabria. At the ceremony, 148 academic scholarships were awarded to students from all over the region. The foundation has awarded more than 1,500 scholarships for higher education since 2001 to the young men and women of Calabria. Criteria for the scholarship include academic achievement, financial need and a commitment to using the benefits of their education to make a contribution to the region. (www.mottscholarship.org)  

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Attorney Joseph R. Curcio

This month we highlight the distinguished career of Joseph R. Curcio, one of the true leaders throughout the legal profession and especially in the Italian-American legal community. Frankly, I’ve been after Mr. Curcio for years to permit me to highlight his distinguished career, one that our community should know about and an individual that we can all be proud of and respect greatly. Perhaps, because of his Calabrian roots, he has been adamant about his quasi-anonymity and with great humility has prohibited me from telling our community about all that he means to the younger lawyers that have come along …

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