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A spirited tour of the Arcada with Night Ranger

  Each week I produce shows with entertainers who are mainly from the eras of the ’60s through the ’80s. This covers MY era of music, with others that I was exposed to by the older kids in high school or the younger ones we were hanging out with. I get the privilege of doing shows with big names in classic rock, classic country, Motown and what is now called “Heritage” music, or the Oldies. But as I fulfill my musical fantasies, I have come to realize there is much more going on at The Arcada than meets the ear. ...

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Our new “Hometown Girl”

We at The Arcada Theatre have been fortunate enough to bring celebrities on a regular basis to St. Charles, many times being selected over venues in Chicago proper. Superstars, too many to count, appear on our stage regularly, performing their wonderful shows, further drawing attention to the wonders of the Fox Valley. In August of last year, the celebrity “buzz” was a bit different in downtown St. Charles, though. Jenny McCarthy, the former Playboy centerfold, television star, author and activist wed her internationally famous fiancé, actor and original New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg at the Hotel Baker, ...

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Rock goddess Ronnie Spector

  If the Rock Hall of Fame were a person, who would it be? In my humble opinion, few individuals embody the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the way ’60s girl-group superstar Ronnie Spector does. You see it in the way her remarkable career has intertwined with so many legendary figures in music. It’s truly amazing to speak to her about it, as I did backstage prior to our holiday show at the Arcada Theatre last year. It’s equally amazing the degree to which her Christmas songs have become international staples, musically branding the holiday itself! As we all ...

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