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It’s hard to grow a family business growing without completely transforming it, but third-generation meat packing exec Angelo Brooks Carmignani is keeping 75-year-old Randolph Packing Co. in a strong growth mode by sticking to one simple ingredient, loyal employees.

Randolph was started in 1928 by Angelo Carmignani, an immigrant from Lucca who came to the United States with a skill for making Italian sausage, and scraped up enough money to start a business that played to his strengths.

“Everything was based around the family,” says the 43-year Brooks, who currently served vice president at Randolph. “And my grandfather had loyal workers from the start.”

It wasn’t long before Brook’s father, Angelo Wayne Carmignani, got into the business and really started expanding the footprint of Randolph.

“My father led the move from Chicago to Streamwood in the mid-1980s,” Brooks recalls. “We moved because we outgrew the space on Randolph in Chicago and wanted to consolidate the other two plants in Skokie and in Cicero. Plus, we started selling sausage to out-of-state customers, so transportation was key in moving to Streamwood.”

The family still specializes in Italian and Polish sausages, selling under two labels: Papa Carmignani’s Preferred and Randolph Market. Although Randolph sells bratwurst, Italian beef and other meat products, they have yet to change the traditional way they grind and season their sausage.

Brooks has fond memories of growing up in the family business. “My grandfather brought me in all the time when I was little, especially on the weekends,” adds Brooks. “I would help make sausage and the boxes to pack it in.”

So it’s no surprise that, when Brooks went off to the University of Colorado, he picked majors that would contribute to the enterprise: business and marketing. But working at Randolph, Brooks has learned that he doesn’t need to change much of anything to ensure the company’s future.

“I take pride in the fact my grandfather started it, my father had it and I’m working my way into it,” says Brooks. “There are so many families that have been involved in Randolph for so long. There are generations of families who work there. Some started when they were 17 or 18 years old and now are in their 40s or 50s. It’s a tribute to the way my grandfather and father have treated people through time.”

Change is often good, but sometimes it’s nice when things stay the same.

Randolph Packing Co. is located at 275 Roma Jean Parkway in Streamwood. For details, call 630-830-3100 or visit www.randolphpacking.com.

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