Polybrite CEO Carl Scianna

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sciannaThis month we highlight the distinguished career of Carl Scianna, a 2011 Italian American Chamber of Commerce Achievement Award recipient. A recognized leader in his field of technology, and an internationally recognized innovator, Mr. Scianna, president and CEO of PolyBrite International, pioneered and patented the technology that serves as the cornerstone of PolyBrite’s product lines.

PolyBrite provides LED lighting solutions designed to deliver energy reduction without sacrificing performance and light quality. With a strong commitment to minimizing environmental impact, PolyBrite manufactures patented indoor and outdoor commercial and residential lighting under its Borealis brand. The Borealis brand utilizes PolyBrite’s proprietary polymer technology, patented drive circuitry and thermal management systems, bringing the environmental sustainability and economic advantages of LED technology to the marketplace.

Mr. Scianna oversees all aspects of PolyBrite’s operations, including research and development, product design, manufacturing, and quality control. Under his leadership, Polybrite has become the world leader in LED lighting technology.

PolyBrite signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the federal district government of Brasilia, Brazil. This is the first TCA entered into by Governor Agnelo Queiroz’ new administration. The Federal District wishes to implement an energy efficient street lighting system prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In support of the agreement, PolyBrite is expected to create jobs in both Illinois and Brasilia.

Recently, PolyBrite announced that their Stole Charging Valve Light Collar has passed all testing required by the U.S. Navy and are ready to be produced and deployed throughout the Navy’s submarine fleet as one component of their emergency escape equipment. The SCV Light Collars, along with illuminated batons, are to be included in Crash Bags used by all U.S. Navy submarine crewmembers.

Mr. Scianna partnered with Dr. Munir Nayfeh, who founded NanoSi Advanced Technology, Inc. and invented a patented process for creating silicon nanoparticles. Munir Nayfeh is also a professor of physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Another recent partnership is with the former U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. He joined the Goeken Group in 2008 as a strategic consultant.

In 2005, PolyBrite made history with the first patented light bulb to be UL certified.

Mr. Scianna has a successful history of innovation and invention while previously working in the computer, printing and plastics industries. Among his many accomplishments, he has developed a patented UV finish for plastics, providing unique chemical- and scratch-resistant properties that are utilized throughout the world in the automotive, furniture, and medical industries. This UV finish was recently adopted by Hallmark for use in creating “Greeting Card mouse pads.”

Prior to joining the Goeken Group in 1990, Mr. Scianna was one of Goeken’s key wireless experts, being responsible for the design and development of the noise-reduction device for In-Flight Phone Corp. He also designed the electronic membrane switches and keypads for In-Flight Phone.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Scianna was an owner of Panel Engineering, where he was instrumental in developing components for Dolphin computer, the first high-powered computer in the market, producing revenues for Panel in excess of $200 million. In addition, he served as general manager at Carl Gorr Printing Co. While at Gorr, Mr. Scianna provided consulting services to General Electric, during which he developed a special ink that can be used with a polycarbonate material called Lexan. This application is currently used in many products, including automobiles, household appliances, and signs.

Mr. Scianna also invented the micro-shell technology for Bell Helmets. He continues to work closely with industry experts such as Fargo, Bell Helmets, Amtrak, Motorola and GTE to expand the usage of PolyBrite products into various markets. Mr. Scianna holds 22 patents and has been interviewed on television’s History Channel and in Time magazine. He has initiated four companies, including PolyBrite International, Microthin, Panel Engineering and UV Tek. Mr. Scianna earned a bachelor of science in civil engineering in 1982.

Mr. Scianna takes great pride in his Sicilian ancestry. He was born in Altavilla Milicia near Palermo in Sicily, and he came to Chicago with his famiy on Feb 18, 1966. His grandmother was already here in the States, and the family joined her in this land of incredible opportunity. Mr. Scianna quite clearly made the most of that opportunity.

In fact, he has been included in Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for his outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of technology and as an entrepreneur and inventor. Strathmore’s Who’s Who highlights the professional lives of individuals from every significant field or industry, including business, medicine, law, education, art, government and entertainment.

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