2012 Trap Shooting Outing

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by Joseph F. Locallo Jr.

On March 28, the Columbian Club of Chicago proved once again that we are not just a bunch of pretty faces and that, if these were prehistoric times, we would have been hunters, not gatherers!

We assembled at the Medinah Country Club’s Lodge, where skeet and trap shooting is enjoyed by sharp-eyed sportsmen with steady trigger fingers. On this particular occasion, we shot trap.

Each participant was given 25 rounds of 12- or 20-gage shot gun shells and their personal armories of single-barreled, side-by-side and over-under shotguns were on display. One thousand rounds were shot and 390 clay pigeons went down, which must mean we are better lovers then fighters!

Events like these are enjoyed by participants as well as spectators, and the moment we share are truly treasured. Special thanks to Maureen Bell and Dr. Frank Trocchio for arranging the event as members of Medinah CC, and Stuart and Lisa Caravello for supervising the shooting and making sure only the pigeons didn’t come home to roost!

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