Steve Corbo has more than 30 years in the boxing game. He is a professional boxing judge; color commentator for televised boxing; and top ring announcer, especially in Europe, where he has announced major world championship title bouts. Harold Lederman, a Boxing Hall of Famer and member of HBO Boxing’s broadcast team, has called Corbo, “one of the best boxing ring announcers in the entire world.” A Chicago native, he has also been heard as the backup PA announcer for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Army artilleryman Robert Fuggiti (Vietnam)

Choosing to become a cannoneer rather than a medic, Robert Fuggiti spent his tour of duty in Vietnam providing artillery support for American troops on the ground. Bob Fuggiti was born in Chicago and lived in the Cabrini Green area. His family moved to the Old Town neighborhood when he was 3 years old. Fuggiti’s father, Dino, worked as an electrician for the CTA, and his mother, Adeline, was employed as a nurse’s aide and a Spanish language interpreter. His paternal grandparents, who emigrated from the Lucca area of Italy, had two apartment buildings where the family settled. Fuggiti and …

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Army Ranger Sammy DiTusa (Panama)

Part of an elite strike force that led the charge to unseat Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, Sammy DiTusa and his battalion left the country 20 days later with a victory in hand. On Dec. 17, 1989, President George H. Bush gave “Operation Just Cause” the green light, setting in motion the U.S. invasion of Panama. The goal was to capture Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega and restore democracy to Panama. The invasion was set for the predawn hours of Dec. 20, a scant three days later. The lead elements of the invasion represented a cross section of the U.S. military’s finest. …

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Boxing judge Mauro DiFiore

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing one of professional boxing’s most respected stars outside of the ring. From Chicago, the only Italian-American professional boxing judge in the state of Illinois, always in the neutral corner, is Mauro DiFiore. DiFiore never steps into the ring and he must always maintain strict neutrality. His skills and 50 years of boxing experience have made him one of the most sought after professional boxing judges in the world. His reputation as one of the best has brought him to a level few ever attain. The globetrotting DiFiore has judged championship matches all over the world. He …

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