Sergio Giangrande

Sergio Giangrande is the president of the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans. The son of Vito and Rosalia, Giangrande grew up in both Italy and America, taking a job as an arbitration clerk at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange right out of high school while studying to become a mortgage adviser. Now a top mortgage originator for Peoples Home Equity, a residential lending company with 60 locations across the country, Giangrande has been honored by Chicago Agent magazine, Chicago magazine and Zillow.

Standing by Columbus

  My parents brought me to America when I was 8 years old. Like all other Italian immigrants, they were incredibly proud to become American citizens. They learned English along with the history of this great country as they looked forward to the opportunities that lay ahead. Still, they never forgot where they came from and always made our Italian heritage the center of our hearts and home. They couldn’t possibly have predicted the challenges that face us today as we try to hold onto a symbol that means so much to them and the entire Italian-American community. Christopher Columbus …

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