Nina Albano Vidmer

Nina Albano Vidmer is a featured columnist for Fra Noi and principal of NAV & Associates since 1992, a Chicago-based association management company serving local and national non-profit organizations. Clients include the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine, the Justinian Society of Lawyers, the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association, the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Association, the Illinois Chapter of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Midwest Business Brokers and Intermediaries, DuPage County Estate Planning Council, Greater Northshore Estate and Financial Planning Council and the Veterans’ Legal Aid Society. She is a former correspondent reporter for The Suburban Life Newspaper.

Cervi retires after 70 years as a barber

Mario Cervi is the quintessential hard-working Italian immigrant who carved out a life for himself in the Chicago area. He was born in Alvito, a small town outside of Rome. When he was just 5 years old, he lost his father, who went missing in action during World War II. He began working as a barber at age 15, making him the youngest barber in the region. Cervi immigrated to America with his mother in 1955, landing on a Saturday and beginning work at a barbershop in the Galewood neighborhood on the following Monday. Cervi’s maternal family sponsored them, and …

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Surviving COVID-19

To many Americans, COVID-19 is an abstract ailment with unknown victims. Some even feel that it has brought our economy to a screeching halt for purely political reasons. They’ll argue it’s little more than the common flu, which claims tens of thousands of lives annually without the same fanfare. As a COVID-19 survivor, I’d like to offer a firsthand account along with some advice on how we can safely live with this virus and respect each other while awaiting a vaccine. COVID-19 is so insidious. It can catch you unawares, and once it gets hold of you, it can hang …

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