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Recent Rock-Star moments

Happy New Year! In putting on these concerts and shows that we do at the Arcada, often there are “moments” that help to make all the effort worth it. One such “moment” happened to me backstage recently at The Temptations concert on Dec. 15.

“The Temps” were poised to go on stage, dressed in their perfectly pressed fuchsia suits, when they huddled in a circle with each performer putting one hand in the center. As I was watching this, one of the guys reached for my arm and pulled me into the circle. So here I am, in a sacred gathering of Motown legends, as they prayed for a good show and gave thanks.

I am as religious as the next guy, I guess, but that moment really felt special. For those few moments, the intensity was lessened, the excitement put on hold.

Another backstage moment came on Dec. 9 at our Frank Sinatra Jr. concert. The orchestra began the show with a medley of Ol’ Blue Eyes classics. The lights were dim back there and when I looked at Frank Sinatra Jr., the angle was just right so that it appeared as if Frank Sr. was standing there!

I recalled watching all those videos of Frank Sr. at Madison Square Garden, or other shows where he would walk to the stage with an entourage of bodyguards and confidantes. And here was his son, with an entourage consisting of his road manager and me.

Very cool!

I am lucky. I have a book of these “moments.” Maybe that will be the title of MY book! Life IS about moments, be it with family, friends or Frank Sinatra. We all have Rock-Star moments in our own way. I sincerely wish you many “Rock Star Moments” in the New Year. It’s up to you to make them happen!

Ron Onesti is the President/CEO of The Onesti Entertainment Corporation and The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles. Send comments or celebrity questions to ron@oshows.com.

About Ron Onesti

Ron Onesti is the CEO and president of Onesti Entertainment Corp. For the past three decades, he has produced Chicago's most popular Italian festivals, and also owns the historic Arcada Theatre in St. Charles. Producing more than 200 live concerts each year, Ron has worked with some of music's most loved entertainers. Frankie Valli, Mickey Rooney, Connie Francis, and Jersey Boys, as well as stars Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels, and Don Rickles, have all graced the stage of the Arcada Theatre. He is a gourmet cook and journalist, writing a weekly column for the Daily Herald and hosting his own show on WGN. Ron lives in Wood Dale with his wife, Elena, and their daughter, Giuliana.

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